BC Game Contacts

Connect with BC Game Casino easily and quickly. Access all the contact information you need on one page, whether you're looking for customer support, technical assistance, or just want to send us feedback. Our team is here to help you 24/7.

Support Channels

BC Game offers various support channels where users can seek assistance or information. Below is a detailed table showcasing these channels, along with direct access links:


For additional information and to stay updated on new support channels, please check the BC Game website regularly.

How to Get Help?

Step-by-step instructions to access BC Game technical support, in case you are having a problem in the future:

  1. Be specific: provide details of error messages obtained, steps leading up to the problem, and where necessary, provide screenshots. This information will help support people help you solve the problem faster.
  2. Be polite: the interaction with the support should be done with the highest respect and politeness. The process is made pleasant not just by the interaction but also by the outcome of the support interaction.
  3. Choose the appropriate channel: most probably, the different type of questions might find a better fit in one platform over another. For example, use GitHub or Discord for technical issues. For anything else, just use one of the countless social media channels: Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Following these guidelines will help you effectively communicate with BC Game support and facilitate faster resolution of your queries or issues.

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